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About us

The European East-West Academy initiates and organises interdisciplinary and transnational projects in the fields of art and culture. Its aim is to create the conditions for cultural and media professionals from Eastern and Western Europe, especially from the fields of theatre, literature, visual arts, music, film, media, design and communication, to get to know each other and to further their education in joint working processes.

The aim of the European East-West Academy is to establish a stable and sustainable network for the European cultural landscape, through which ideas, experiences and perspectives can be made accessible and known to a wider audience in Eastern and Western Europe.

The European East-West Academy organises interdisciplinary “KulturWerkstätten” for artists and talented newcomers from Western and Eastern Europe, where experimental projects can be developed together.

The interdisciplinary as a method, the crossover of different directions in art and culture is part of the profile of the projects. The academy seeks new interfaces to seemingly distant fields. Because just as often as art crosses national borders, artists are increasingly influenced by other areas of life – and vice versa.

The meeting of sculptors with city planners, stage designers with engineers, performers with advertising experts, writers with managers, etc. opens up two dimensions of cultural exchange: the East-West perspective and, synonymously, the meeting of different areas of art and life.

In order to enable new perspectives on the perception of art and culture in East and West and to act flexibly, the Academy relies on decentralized venues and enters into networked partnerships in Eastern and Western Europe.

East and West are growing together. But still – also in the course of a changing Europe, whose lines of conflict now run in exactly the same north-south direction – thought patterns, prejudices and ignorance hinder a common European cultural self-image. The European East-West Academy for Culture and Media wants to be a motor to promote mutual acquaintance and to motivate people to work together. It wants to bring together art and culture in Eastern and Western Europe.